Who is the Writer Responsible for this Filth...

Welcome!  If you've stumbled on this page by mistake and are now asking yourself, "Who in the world is R.A.R. Huggins?" it's quite alright; you may make your inconspicuous escape without my knowledge (and I won't charge you a penny for the error).  If, however, you are at all interested, then please make yourself at home!

I'd like to think that I am a writer, though there are some days when I doubt that seriously, but I have written a few stories and published a few more, and if your teacher sent you here on an assignment to find out more about the author, then I apologize; there's not much to me.  But, I will say that I don't look anything like my picture; I am in fact six feet tall, with huge, dangling ears, and fur all over my face. (I once considered joining the circus as the bearded lady, but they said the position was already filled.) 

Of course, if that's not enough information for you, feel free to click on the above links.  Thanks for stopping by!

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