Crow Toes Quarterly: The New Face of Children's Lit, 15th Issue

At last, at last, it's here! It's shiny, and pretty, and colorful, and darn it, my story is in it! Crow Toes Quarterly's 15th issue is now available in their E-Zine, along with my little piece, Waiting.  You can download a copy of the issue or you can purchase a nice, printed, sweet smelling limited edition here.  I must say, I'm pretty darn pleased.  And if you don't click on one of the above links and read the story for yourselves, than I shall have to send a nasty little Walliumpus your way.  And if you don't know what a Walliumpus is, than I should not think you would be quite eager to find out as they are nasty, hairy, yucky things that tend to have a lot of very sharp teeth and not such good eating habits.  

Enjoy, enjoy! I know that I shall!

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  1. SuhWEET! (I'm actually at work right now but I'll do so when I am home! :D)


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